Extended double zepp

T An Extended Double Zepp (EDZ) is a single band antenna that is 5WL long and center-fed. W5ZO: Extended Double Zepp a new look The only wire dipole with gain is the Extended Double Zepp ( EDZ ). One of the easiest, and cheapest is the Extended Double-Zepp, or EDZ. Images for extended double zepp Double Extended Zepp NVIS Antenna Calculator.

Extended double zepp

There were many new and somewhat unfamiliar antennas used at this year s NFARL Field Day. An Improved Double Extended Zepp – Antennas By N6LF N6LF revisits the classic double extended Zepp to improve pattern and SWR bandwidth.

The antenna is cut for meters and is 346. Maxcon Double Extended Zepp Antennas The Maxcon double Extended Zepp Antennas are center fed wire antennas that, when properly erected and fed with Ohm coax, will give up to three decibels. What it is, is two elements, fed in a collinear fashion, with each element.


The 40M Extended Double Zepp – NFARL The 40M Extended Double Zepp. The Extended Double Zepp An extended double zepp antenna for meters is modeled mounted on two foot poles spaced feet apart.

The measurements below are for building a Double Extended Zepp Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS ). GPI Attitudes on a Memphis Mojo 40watt amp in a.

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The Extended Double Zepp

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