Car radio stash spot

The Ten Best Places To Hide Crap In Your Car – Jalopnik. I use a soda stash can too, one of the best places to stash your goods.

Car radio stash spot

It s a Trap – Hidden Car Stereo Compartment – People s Exhibit 14. Where is a spot that I can stash my bud and it will be very hard to find.

So you re better off not stashing illegal stuff in the car to begin with. Jalopnik readers know ten stash spots where few, if any will look. The stash spot won t open unless all the doors are closedwhich would rarely be. I was slowing down I can pull my trim off around my radio, and stash it in my vent.

Best stash spot in car Grasscity Forums

Best Hiding spot in car I ve ever seen. - Third Generation F

Over the years, these secret stash spotsor traps, as they re known in. Stash Box – Cool Ways To Customize Your Car – Complex.

Radio and HVAC controls aroun placing the radio closer to reach, and the less often. How to add secret compartments to your carand other cool hacks.

It s a Trap – Hidden Car Stereo Compartment – People s Exhibit 14

Your car may be your most private place, but it s liable to be searched at some point. When I worked at a car stereo shop in college, we had a customer with. There s always those ugly wires, radio interference, and whatever else.

So the whole front acheat, radio, lights, and knobs faceplate pops off in. I ve had cops pull out my car stereo, take off gas cap, all kinds of weird. There s a surprising amount of space behind your stereo, and if you.

How best to meld stereo components into a car s natural contours. Found an unused speaker location since his car wasn t fitted with the Mark Levinson audio system upgrade. 20s Best Marine Stereos – Rock The Boat Audio items. At that time in Australia, the 11-meter band was still used by licensed ham operators and Emergency Services, but not yet available for.

Alfred Anaya Put Secret Compartments in Cars. So the DEA Put Him

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